Psychologists Pretoria & Irene | Child and Adult Psychotherapy

Psychologists Pretoria

At Psychology Worx we have Educational Psychology services as well as a Therapeutic Reflexology practice. We believe in helping every individual develop to their full potential. To help us reach this goal we offer the following services:

• Career guidance (subject choices, career choices).

• Study methods.

• Individual and small group assessments.

• All psychoeducational assessments and interventions: emotional aspects, academic and learning aspects, school readiness, social skills, etc.

• Family therapy.

• Parental guidance: handling of relevant stressors in the family for example divorce, death of a family member, discipline problems, family conflict, effective communication, work stress, too high / low expectations, handling of child with ADHD.

• Individual therapy: coping with emotional stressors for example victim of crime, anxiety, conflict, aggression, depression, separation anxiety, suicidal thoughts, behaviour problems, fears, low self-esteem, coping with disappointments, peer pressure, trauma, relationships / social skills, sleep disturbances, enuresis / encopresis, test anxiety, life skills, etc.

• Relaxation techniques.

• Listening skills.

• Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

• Play therapy.

• Hypnotherapy for increased concentration, decrease in performance anxiety, depression, etc.

• Energy psychology.

• Learning support for barriers to learning (reading, spelling, maths, writing, concentration, attention-deficit disorder, inclusion, etc.)

• Social skills and emotional intelligence.

• Workshops (for teachers / parents / on request): motivation, career issues, how to deal with emotional aspects, increased functioning at school, handling of barriers to learning, parental aspects, invitational education, etc.

• All aspects (cognitive, emotional and behavioural) that affect the child, adolescent and / or parent in their context, including the school, family, peers and society.