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Our practice in Cornwall Hill, Centurion
At our practice we approach our clients in a compassionate, interactive and optimistic way, seeking to enhance understanding of the self and others.

We believe every client is unique and we want to explore and understand their uniqueness with them, acknowledging cultural influences as well as individual differences.

We see the unique individual as capable, having untapped potential to overcome barriers and constructing the life they want.

Whether you or your child face personal, relationship, emotional, learning, academic, occupational or other life challenges, today is the best time to start on your journey towards becoming a happier human being.

PsychologyWorx is headed by  Dr Lizette Matthews PhD (Educational Psychology).
We take pride in providing ethical, client-fit assessments- and therapeutic 'road maps', focusing on the goals of the client.

We utilize evidence based approaches and interventions in our quest to support our clients (adults, couples, tertiary students of all ages, teens and children).

Our goal is to assist our clients to manage emotions, behaviour, academics, career and life challenges  in a more effective, efficient and fulfilling way.

We like the challenge that variety brings, therefore our areas of speciality include relief of emotional distress, anxiety and depression, managing life challenges, subject/career choice and success, career change management, learning barriers, ADHD, developmental delays, trauma debriefing, relationships, goal attainment, self-esteem, academic and learning concerns, etc.
Our Reception Area
Dr Lizette Matthews
Dr. EJM Matthews,
PhD (Educational Psychology) ; MEd(Educational Psychology) (Cum Laude); MEd(Guidance); BEd (Psychology); BA; THED (Cum Laude), is an HPCSA registered, practising Educational Psychologist with more than 20 years’ experience in facilitating development, learning and training to improve productivity, professionalism, and emotional functioning, as well as managing stress and change.

Further experience includes psychological assessments, psychotherapy, counselling, hypnotherapy, psycholegal assessments and learning support. She has presented at national and international conferences, hosted multiple workshops, been a speaker and key note speaker, was interviewed on radio talk shows and appeared on SABC, and ANN 7. She served on various comittees, task teams, and on the International Advisory Council for Invitational Education. Her work has also been published in peer reviewed journals.
  1. Are you covered by Medical Insurance?
    We are covered by certain medical insurance companies. Contact us for more information.
  2. Do you accept EFT payment?
    Yes we do.
  3. What is your practice hours
    We work from 8am till late and try our level best to set up appointments at times convenient for you.
  4. Do you take appointments on the weekend?
    Yes we do! We are available Mondays to Sundays by appointment.