How do we as parents establish a positive learning culture at home?

  • Create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere at home. Try to prevent serious arguments, rows, abuse of liquor, unnecessary stress and strain and if it occurs, seek help.

  • Strive to inculcate healthy eating habits in your children. A healthy body often helps to sustain a healthy mind.

  • Give immediate medical help to your child if he/she is ill.

  • Have your child’s health, his/her vision and hearing checked regularly by a medical trained person.

  • Purposely attempt to make your children feel good about themselves. Nurture a positive self concept in your children by praising, encouraging and supporting them. Give them attention and love!

  • Talk to your children about their problems, worries, fears and interests. Ask them questions and show sincere interest in them
  • Give positive rather than negative feedback. For example, thank your child for things she/he has done. Try to not complain about petty matters.

  • Make sure your child has a place of her/his own where he/she can do his/her homework. Supply the necessary aids such as a pencil, ruler, eraser, coloured pens (for the visual learner) etc. that can help to make the doing of homework an easier experience.

  • Let your child do his/her homework regularly and preferably at the same time of the day.

  • Help your children with their homework and learning, especially if they ask for help.

  • Give your child opportunities to develop cognitive skills. Let your children suggest solutions to problems, encourage them to find answers to questions themselves, let them tackle and complete school assignments themselves and give them the task of remembering certain dates and times.

Next time we will give more useful hints!

Source: Derbyshire, E.J. sj Study guide Orthodidactics 402